HoneyComb LX2K update 1 – after 2 months

It has been 2 month since my last post about my ARM workstation/server. I think it's time for an update for how thing are going and if there's problems. In sort: no. There's not major issus with the board. NXP and SolidRun have done a very good job building it. Performance Without a doubt, the... Continue Reading →

Rocking a 16 core ARM workstation for data analysis and NAS – HoneyComb LX2K

I preordered the HoneyComb LX2K workstation board last October and I has finally arrived and I finally got time to build my ARM workstation. The process is challenging and fun! Building of the machine The LX2K is a very capable 16-core ARM workstation board selling at 750$ (550$ when I ordered, early access price). Providing... Continue Reading →

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