CERN ROOT tips and tricks

This is more of a note for myself. Over time, I've learned some useful fact about ROOT that I now wish I have known when I started using ROOT. Hopefully as a ROOT user, you could also find  some of these helpful. Tell ROOT to not show the startup banner You do: user@somepc:~$ root -l... Continue Reading →

Hacking code generated from ONNC Cortex-M backend to run on Cortex-A

Brute force software porting time again. This time I'm tasked to port some C generated from ONNC's Cortex-M backend to run on a Cortex A class processor. Sounds like a bad idea? It totally is! But I need that for research purposes - to add support for our academic AI accelerator - and writing and... Continue Reading →

Real time plotting in C++ using ROOT

Sometime you just need to plot stuff as time progresses. Maybe you need to plot some statistics of your software, or visualize in realtime. But there's not much option. matplotlib is too slow for realtime, plplot's C/C++ interface is not maintained, QCustomPlot requires you to have a working Qt window and has a horrible API,... Continue Reading →

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