Building sfeMovie on MSYS2 – A Hacky Way

I'm working on a project to automatically generate Groove Coaster beat maps(?) using machine learning. To gather traning data. I need a desktop application that plays video of other's playing Groove Coaster and I and my friend pressing the appropriate button on a DS4 controller. Getting DS4 button press is easy. SFML has that handled.... Continue Reading →


Programming in C++ without if/else/for/while/etc..

Recently on of my friends challenges me to write a game in C++ without using any branching and looping expressions. It's really not difficult at all. I could write a game in C and compile it with the M/o/Vfuscator then disassemble it, put all the assembly instructions into my C++ code. Bobs your uncle, challenge done. But what's the... Continue Reading →

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