I was born in Taiwan and now studding for Bachelors degree in National Sun Yat-sen University(as in 2018). Currently working and running research for the Digital IP lab. And a member of CDPA. I’m also a FOSS developer posting random bug fix and enhancements.

Interests and expertise

My main expertise is modem C++(post C++11), GPU computing(OpenCL, HIP), Physically Based Rendering and Machine Learning. I also have experience in Realtime 3D Graphics(OpenGL), high-performance computing, Linux and reverse engineering.

I’m also a free and open source software developer. I love and believe the mindset behind FOSS. I try to fix bug in software I use if I encounter them and implement feature if I need them.

Major Projects

  • SimpleRay – A simple Path Tracer with PBRTv2 scene format and Embree support
  • embree-arm – A port of Intel’s Embree ray tracing library ported to run on ARM CPU
  • ぶれないアイで – A music video/demo of my home-brew path tracer
  • Etaler – A very fast and GPU capable HTM framework.

Tools I made

  • language-chaiscript – ChaiScript syntax highlighting support for GitHub Atom
  • model2pbrt – Convert model files into PBRTv2 format
  • HTMHelper – NuPIC.core abstraction wrapper for easy development
  • tiny-htm – The fastest Hierarchical Temporal Memory library on the CPU for the time being. (Now slower then my other library, Etaler)


  • C++ – I have been a long time C++ user and have built most of my projects in C++
  • Data Science – Combining with my knowledge in C++. I build high-performance data analysis tools.
  • Computer Graphics – Started out being a graphics programmer. I have implemented my own OpenGL and Path Tracing engine.


  • xtensor-fftw – I have written some minor fixes for this C++ 14 FFT library for xtensor
  • ViennaCL – Implemeted OpenCL platform/device selection for ViennaCL benchmark

Conference talks

  • I love games yet why movies look better – SITCON 2016 (Unconference)
  • Introduction to GPU computing with OpenCL – SITCON 2018, video

Other Pages

Other Hobbies

  • Esperanto
    • Mi estas Esperanto-parorantaj. Saluton! Bonvolu kontakti mi se ke vi ankaŭ paroras Esperanton!
  • Arch Linux
    • Long time Arch Linux user now. Arch Rocks!

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