Solving QCA6174 WiFi crashing, high ping, unusable on Linux

One glaring issue I have with my laptop (using a Qualcomm NIC) is the ridiculous high pings while using WiFi. > 400ms for some packets to reach a near by machine and back is totally unacceptable. It makes ssh unusably slow and even mosh on the edge of barely usable. The situation is so bad that sometimes I have to boot back into Windows to work. And I finally found the solution.

Turns out the root cause is the firmware (see a Ask Ubuntu question on the same issue). And the one for QCA6174 included in linux-firmwares in most if not all distros contains a bug that crashes and no one updated it. Either non of the devs care or there are issues that break on other hardware. Anyway, just grab the new firmware and reboot. Ta da~ stable WiFi for the win.

cd /lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA6174/hw3.0
sudo mv firmware-6.bin firmware-6.bin.old
sudo wget -O firmware-6.bin

Note: The original answer says this is a partial solution that causes another issue (Unknown eventid). This problem is still there, but the numbers are a lot tamer now.

Happy WiFing!

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