Sparse Neural Networks pt.1 kwinner – The new line of defense against noise? with implementation in tiny-dnn!

Numenta has just released a new paper strengthening the noise resistant for neural networks. Purposing that a sparse network is more robust against noise than current one. Well, Let's try it out and implement a portion of the paper our self - in tiny-dnn! Implementing the layer The idea is simple. Given a input, select... Continue Reading →

When Python is not enough – Sorting (Processing) large data using ROOT and C++

So. I'm tasked with sorting a 120GB CSV file by date. And unfortunately I only have 64G on my workstation; the file won't fit in RAM. Time to bust out Hadoop? NO! It's only 120GB, you don't need Hadoop for it. It's time for some CERN technology. Yes, that's CERN. The one that builds the... Continue Reading →

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