ChaiScript Tutorial (4) – Functions in ChaiScript

We have discussed be basic syntax of ChaiScript in the previous tutorial. Today, I'm going to talk about functions in ChaiScript. Define a function in ChaiScript We can define a function in ChaiScript. Here is how its done. The general syntax is It is just like how a function is defined any language(that is not functional).... Continue Reading →

Rant on OpenCL on FPGAs From a Point of View of a Software Developer

This is why I haven't post any ChaiScipt tutorial recently. I'm busy on a project to bring OpenCL into OpenCV on a Cyclone V SoC Development Board. There are a lot of reports and articles about how FPGAs are so powerful that they can outperform GPUs. And that OpenCL can unleash FPGA's full performance in... Continue Reading →

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