A Dirty Introduction to Common Lisp for C++ users

I started learning Lisp a while back as a way of seeking inspiration from the first wave of AI systems. The road was rocky and I wish there's some resource comparing Lisp to a modern language... So this is one. I hope people could find this useful. As a bridge between C++ and Lisp. I... Continue Reading →

Setting up GPU accelerated remote desktop with sound on headless Linux using NoMachine

I have always wanted to setup a remote desktop on my NAS. It feels really cool to have the exact same desktop anywhere. In lab, out side at a caffe, in lecture. But I've never got GPU acceleration working properly. While I can't rely on the puny Cortex-A72 cores to draw the entire desktop (it... Continue Reading →

CERN ROOT tips and tricks

This is more of a note for myself. Over time, I've learned some useful fact about ROOT that I now wish I have known when I started using ROOT. Hopefully as a ROOT user, you could also find  some of these helpful. Tell ROOT to not show the startup banner You do: user@somepc:~$ root -l... Continue Reading →

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