Running the Jami daemon – Receiving Messages from GNU Jami while your computer is off

Jami is a very cool distributed instant messaging program under the GNU project. The same GNU that brings you GIMP, glibc, Octave and much more. Jami clients communicate through the OpenDHT distributed hash table. However, the DHT only stores your message briefly. Thus, you miss your messages if you don't have clients logged into your... Continue Reading →

Signing HTTP Signatures in C++ using Botan (for ActivityPub)

DISCLAIMER: I am not a cryptographer. For your own sake, consult a cryptographer if you want to use the following code in production. I'm attempting to implement a basic ActivityPub server following Mastodon's tutorial. It's easy to follow and and explains everything clearly. However I got stock at the last step signing the HTTP signature.... Continue Reading →

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